Softspikes offers five distinct insert systems for golf cleats. Please, read below for more information and Cleat Replacement Guide.


Tour Lock boasts unparalleled cleat/receptacle retention – assuring cleats remain in shoe under the toughest of conditions. Cleats featuring our new Tour Lock insert system are backward compatible and will fit into any FastTwist or Tri-Lok/Slim-Lok receptacle.

PrideSports’ patented Fast-Twist Insert System, the most popular cleat changing system in golf, was designed to make cleat changing quick and easy. A simple quarter turn of a cleat wrench deadlocks cleats into place with a double click, while a reverse quarter turn unlocks the cleats for quick changing. A patented “positive stop” lets golfers know when the cleat is fully installed.


PINS, Performance Insert System, was developed by Softspikes in 2009 to reduce height and bring golfers closer to the ground. This revolutionary new insert system provides golfers with the immediate feedback required to develop a more consistent swing.

The Fits Q-LOK Fastening System is an alternative to the traditional threaded system for locking cleats into place. The Fits Q-LOK Fastening System is quick and easy requiring only a quarter turn to fasten the cleat to the shoe. Cleats with this insert system can also be easily removed with a reverse quarter turn.


The Small Metal Insert System is a traditional threaded insert system. This insert system features a strong metal post that can be tightened securely to the shoe receptacle. Begin threading the small metal cleat into the receptacle by hand, rotating to the right. Securely tighten the cleat with the Softspikes Cleat Kaddy until the cleat is flush with the sole.


The Large Plastic Insert System is a variation of the small metal thread fastening system, and it features a weight-reducing plastic post. Thread the cleat into the receptacle by hand, rotating to the right. Finish installation by tightening the cleat with the Softspikes Cleat Kaddy.